On the 25th of July Equiniti, the market leading business process services provider, organised a unique business event at a secret location in London. The company, whose recent track record includes undertaking the first ever mutual joint venture out of UK central government, delivered an insightful event, underlining the importance of creativity and imagination in the outsourcing space.

The event brought together Equiniti clients, journalists, commentators and employees. Speakers Martha Leyton and Martin Shovel from CreativityWorks talked about how visualisation of written content can help leaders to give outstanding presentations. Danny Somekh, Director of Huddle Creative gave an inspirational speech on how life changing events can shape the way we do business.

Amy Madden, Head of PR at Equiniti said

“In an ever changing world we can’t rest on our laurels.   We need to be ahead of the game and think differently to continue to evolve.  The Secret location dinner was a novel experience - we didn’t know where the event would take place or what should we expect once we are there.  That’s a little like the unchartered territory of the business environment in recent years- sometimes uncertain roads lead to the most creative solutions.”

 Andrea Pierce, Head of Legal Services at Kings Court Trust Ltd

“This unique event took the topic of communication and turned it on its head.  At Kings Court Trust we always try to avoid legal jargon and make things as simple as possible for our clients. However, hearing from Martha and Martin made me realise that we should all be thinking more about the sort of language we use on a daily basis and how effective we are at creating images in people’s minds and truly engaging with them. Plus, I’ve never had to enter an event by climbing through doorways into an enchanted forest so Equiniti made this to be a very memorable  and inspiring evening!”


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Notes to Editors:

About Equiniti

Equiniti is a market leading business process services provider.  We support 1,600 of the UK’s leading businesses and public sector institutions, including around half of the FTSE 100.  Our core capabilities are centred around complex administration and payment solutions including money transmission, administration and customer interactions delivered by 2,700 employees in 23 UK office locations. 

We are leaders in share registration and pension services markets. We also have a strong presence in HR and employee benefits.  Equiniti are the private sector partner for the first mutual joint venture out of UK central government, MyCSP.